Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy

Child, Adolescent & Family Therapy

Ringwood Psychology strongly believes that clients are best served by consulting with therapists who have an area of special interest and focus their bookings on this clientele. This means that your counsellors are both passionate and knowledgeable about the issues that concern you.

Working with children and families requires skills in negotiating, managing personalities and conflict between family members, and working with challenging behaviours. It also often requires knowledge of the education system, the health system, and the Family Law system. Ringwood Psychology is passionate about the welfare of children and providing necessary support to families.
Our counsellors treat a range of childhood and adolescent concerns, including anxiety, sadness, anger, eating disorders, bullying, school refusal, and compulsive gaming and Internet use. Our therapists have a special interest in Autism Spectrum Disorders (Asperger’s), ADHD behaviours, grief and loss, and issues related to separation and divorce. We also have clinicians trained in the treatment of childhood sexual and physical abuse, neglect, and trauma therapies.

Ringwood Psychology can provide effective parenting strategies or even simple words of advice and encouragement as parents support their children through challenging times. Sometimes, young people going through common adolescent changes benefit enormously just from being given the option of talking confidentially to someone outside of the family.
All counselling and treatments need to be individually tailored to families. This may require close collaboration with parents and siblings, other health care specialists, and educational professionals. Ringwood Psychology is constantly working with a local team of trusted experts in childhood difficulties.

Separation and Divorce

Family Mediation involves assisting families to resolve disputes due to separation and divorce. Family Mediation can be a great alternative to going to Court, saving families a great deal of stress, time and money. Therapists assist individuals to discuss issues and identify all possible options regarding caring for children, property or money. Our goal is to ensure that family relationships are maintained and continue to be cared for following separation. This requires parents being assisted to work together in the best interests of their children.

Parenting Plans are written agreements that set out the parenting arrangements for children. Parents are assisted to reach agreements regarding their day-to-day responsibilities in caring for their children. It also involves reaching agreement on how longer-term issues will be managed, such as negotiating which schools the children will attend.

In Assisting Children through Separation and Divorce the best interests and welfare of the children must remain the priority. Children will generally be unable to make sense of the range of emotions, feelings and thoughts they will have in response to separation. Therapy aims to help children understand and deal with the separation and their emotional reactions.