About Vikki


Vikki is a Registered Psychologist focusing her work on the treatment of sexually compulsive behaviours and addictions.  Using Psychodynamic, Interpersonal and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Vikki assists individuals to understand and control addictive sexualised behaviours, such as inappropriate use of the Internet, Chat Rooms, dating sites, and sex workers, and helping couples restore damaged relationships.  Vikki applies similar techniques plus Motivational Interviewing skills to assist people with alcohol and drug addictions, and anger management difficulties.

Vikki is passionate about the impact of anxiety on people’s lives, and applies her knowledge in treating male and female sexual dysfunctions, many of which have anxiety at the core. Treatment is focused on assisting couples in overcoming relationship and sexual difficulties.

Vikki is the Founder and Principal Psychologist at Ringwood Psychology. She has lectured for the Medical Register of Australia, lecturing at Royal Melbourne Hospital and Monash Medical Centre on Difficult Relationships, Conflict Management, and Managing Life Changing Events.

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